Care Instructions


Our boots are designed with movement, celebration and unforgettable fashion statements in mind.

Now that you've got the look, it's time to maintain your purchase. Keeping the Franki Boot in impeccable shape isn't difficult and by following these simple care tips, you can maintain your amazing purchase for years to come.


Our Story, Our Promise

Taking care of your Franki boots is an important step to follow to ensure that your boots stay in impeccable shape and last for years to come. 

1. Make sure to preserve the box, packaging and the dust bag included with your boots for storage use. We suggest you store your boots, in their dust bags, in a cool, dark place (ie: closet shelf) to prevent color fading, dust build up, or unintentional damage. This will also help to keep the feathers on your boots and the boot's shape intact when not in use. 

2. Please refrain from leaving your boots in direct sunlight, which can fade the color and vibrancy of the boots.

3. Remember, gentle handling of your boots is KEY. When handling and putting on your boots, please be gentle with the zipper when moving it up and down. This is to ensure the feathers and body of the shoe doesn't snag or rip. Your boots are fragile so handling with care makes all the difference.

Although minimal, Franki Boots will experience some shedding. Made from 100% ostrich feathers, it is important to store and wear your boots carefully in order to preserve them. 

After wearing, be sure to remove any dust, debris or hair from the feather material with a soft, dry cloth. 

Boot Sizing

We understand that finding the perfect color and fit is important to our customers. 

Our Franki Boots come with minimal stretch room. Please advise, this particular style is TRUE TO SIZEand this style of shoe is NOT wide calf friendly.

There are NO refunds on this product. Prior to ordering, please read our size chart thoroughly to make sure you are choosing the best size for your comfort.

Cleaning Instructions

Always use a soft, dry cloth like (ie: microfiber cloth) to wipe down the ostrich feathers, heel, sole and base of the boots after each wear. To remove unwanted items from your boots, wipe them out gently with a soft cloth.

You can use a soft-bristled brush to get off any dirt or mud around the surface of your boots. If your boots obtain a stain or other form of liquid damage, it's best to seek a professional boot repairer.

Waterproof Protection

We recommend investing in a high quality waterproof protector for those wet weather days, although we suggest you NOT wear your boots in wet weather/climates.

With this simple care routine, your boots will stay looking beautiful for years to come!